Hello, my name is Stephanie Swietek and I’m the owner and designer behind the Ollie & Annie Collection. The Ollie & Annie Collection is a series of modern children’s clothing patterns with a classic twist.

A little About Me

My passion for sewing started at a young age as I learned how to sew from my Mom. Starting with simple projects to eventually making clothing and blankets for myself and friends. I was always interested in creating something whether it was sewing, knitting or crocheting. It wasn’t until I became a stay at home Mom, and was introduced into the PDF community, that I grew passionate about sewing for my children more and more. My background knowledge of sewing and patterns quickly developed into an interest in designing the creations stirring around in my head. I love fabric, buttons, ribbon and trim. I am married and have three children.

History of Ollie & Annie

After learning about the PDF community, and buying many patterns that interested me, I decided to start a business selling handmade children’s clothing. Sewing and selling the clothing lasted only one summer. It was at that point that I decided designing the patterns was more what I was interested in rather than making the actual clothing. In Fall 2013, I designed my first pattern followed by my second and third patterns in the summer and fall of 2014.  Designing children’s clothing patterns for the sewing community is exciting to me. I am constantly thinking about different designs to create. After years of getting an MBA in Business Marketing, working in the corporate world and then becoming a stay at home mom, I have finally found my dream job. A job that is a perfect combination of being there for my children, using my sewing and business knowledge and working on what I am passionate about……creating beautiful clothing!

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