New Pattern Release – The Mabel Dress

After over a month of drafting, sewing and testing I am happy to announce that The Mabel Dress is finally here! I am so excited to share this pattern with all of you and I hope you enjoy creating beautiful Mabel dresses as much as I enjoyed creating the pattern.


So how did the Mabel dress come to be? I love classic, vintage looking dresses that make little girls look like little girls. I didn’t see any drop waist dresses and figured it was time to create one. So out came the drafting paper, pencils, rulers and lots of snacks and now we have the Mabel Dress. Once I was done with the dresses, my daughter had some friends over and they all loved trying on the dresses I made from this pattern.


More about the Mabel:

The Mabel dress is a vintage styled drop waist dress with a flared skirt.  It also has an option to add a belt for extra style! Best of all, this pattern is so versatile. The pattern was created with a very classical and basic bodice and flared skirt! The Mabel dress is made with a little extra room which makes it great for all seasons year round! Just pair up a shirt under the dress for colder months or wear it as is for warmer months.

  • The pattern is available in sizes 12 months to 10 years.
  • The Mabel is available in PDF form only and can be instantly downloaded in the Ollie and Annie Collection Etsy shop.
  • Pattern includes detailed instructions with colored photos and even simple sewing explanations on basic sewing techniques. This pattern is perfect for the intermediate beginner to advanced seamstress.

JHamblen SWhiteMabel SSeuserMabel LHillMabel RBaldridgeMabel


While this pattern is a basic canvas of a classical vintage drop waist dress, the possibilities for variations are endless. I had a group of wonderful testers help me troubleshoot through the Mabel pattern to make it a perfect fit! The variations that my creative testers came up with blew me away! I wanted to share some of those…..

Lace Overlay

The lace overlay was sewed to the bodice and used as one piece to complete the Mabel dress. The lace added such a subtle detail that made this dress stunning!

JReynolds_Mabel Bright 3

Snaps replacing the buttons

The basic pattern calls for buttons, but many of my testers did snaps instead. This tester did a series of snaps down the back of the bodice making the Mabel dress a classic look with an easy alternative to buttons.


Perfect for the cooler weather!

The Mabel dress is made with a little more room in the bodice. With little ones, having versatile clothing that will last through seasons and growth spurts is a plus! This tester put a long sleeve shirt under the dress to show how versatile this little dress can be with Fall just around the corner! For more on this version of the Mabel click here.


Adding a bib

The addition of the bib took the basic bodice and gave it more of a vintage flare!


Button detail in the front

Just adding a simple button detail in the front of this dress takes it from a simple look to a detailed, classic look.



Flower Fun

What little girl doesn’t love flowers?! Why not add a beautiful flower to the Mabel dress and create some flair!

                              SBrownMabel                    JHerdonMabel

Halloween Flare

Spooky or not these cute little dresses make the Mabel dress a Halloween favorite.

     MMartins-Side3Mabel photo 4-2

Add a Center Ruffle

Adding a ruffle in the front center of the bodice gives the Mabel a beautiful classic detail. For a tutorial on how to add the ruffle to the Mabel, click here.


Monogrammed detail

Monogramming the Mabel dress in contrasting colors makes this dress pop in such a beautiful way!


Thank you for reading about the new Mabel dress and all it has to offer! I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I loved creating it. You can find the Mabel dress pattern for purchase at my Etsy Store. Just today and tomorrow, July 28th & 29th, I am offering 25% off the Mabel dress pattern. If you wish to also purchase the Bubbly Bubble skirt with the Mabel dress you will get 25% off that pattern too! Use code MABELDRESS25

I hope you will share your creations with us at our Facebook page and Facebook sewing group. In our sewing group you will not only get more information about this dress, but also additional information on future patterns by Ollie and Annie Collection. Thank you for stopping by!

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